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Partnerships are important for the success of any endeavor - Partnerships are extremely important when it comes to the Leach Amphitheater! The City of Oshkosh would like to acknowledge those that are involved with continually making the Leach the “jewel” that it is.

Facility Sponsor:

Citizens First Credit Union

The Website:

The Leach Amphitheater website was created, written, designed and formatted by two City of Oshkosh partners - Ray Maurer, Director of Parks and the Leach Amphitheater and Jason Kunkle Programmer Analyst and Web Master from the city’s IT Division.

Website Pictures:

Pictures tell the stories. Thanks goes to:

Don and Dylan Stolley Stolley Studio ltd 436 North Main Street, Oshkosh, WI 54901 (920) 231-2595
Don and Dylan Stolley from Stolley Studio, ltd. The concert pictures within the website were taken by Don, and the Special Event’s Dragon Boat Races by son, Dylan. For more information about Stolley Studio, go to: www.stolleystudio.com

Katy Gardner, from Charizma Photography, L.L.C. contributed the Gehrke wedding pictures. For more information about Charizma Photography, go to: www.charizmaphotography.com


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