Technical Information

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Leach Amphitheater opened: June 2005
Capacity: 7,500

Performance Area:
Stage dimensions: 48' deep - 64' wide
Stage height: 4'
Highest point from stage to ceiling: 34'
Stage power: 400A trench to up stage left - 200A trench to up stage right
Distance from front of stage to mix tower: 110'
Mix platform: 10'x12'

Loading Area:
Loading dock: 48" w/o plate
All overhead doors: 10'x10' (In addition, there is a set of double doors stage right)
Ramp back stage (ADA Ramp) run: Approximately 60'
Shore power: (2) 110 volt
Rigging lugs: Center weight capacity 2,000 lbs - Corners weight capacity 4,000 lbs
Distance between each lug: Center 14' - 41/2"x7' - Corners '6 -5"

Room power (outlets): All 20 Amp breakers
Two dressing rooms equipped with make-up counter/mirror and restroom. One phone line and one high-speed data line are available in each dressing room.
One shower room, plus one additional bathroom
One storage room that can be emptied to act as an extra dressing room
A catering area to accommodate a max of 40 people

One voice jack and one data jack in each dressing room. Voice jack includes Long-distance access.
Data jack provides Internet access. Data jack w/promoters wireless hub.

Parking is available for cars and buses behind the stage

The City of Oshkosh curfew for noise is 10:30 p.m. All amplified sound must
conclude by 10:30 p.m

Detailed Diagrams:
Overhead View of Amphitheater
Rigging Plot
Can Lights Above Stage
Power Layout
Seating Chart